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Dr. Ibrahim Al-Qaryouti

Highlighted Speaker

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Qaryouti is a university professor, Ph.D., at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. His research interests are wide and varied and include inclusive education, the education of children with disabilities, early intervention, literacy, etc. He has been involved in 18 research projects, most of them focusing on children with disabilities, thus contributing to improving the lives of children with disabilities. He is a member of the CEC, NAEYC, APA, International Society for Early Intervention, Arabian Association for Early Childhood Education, and Arab Counsel for Gifted & Talented. He provided 43 training workshops for teachers and parents of children with disabilities. And an educational consultant for many educational institutions. He has been a Peer reviewer, from 2012 until now at Khalifa Educational Award, Abu Dhabi award headquarters, UAE. He has published 18 books in the field of early childhood and special education.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Qaryouti – 6th International Academic Conference

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